William Kratt is the husband of Linda Kratt and father of the Kratt Brothers and Sisters. Although not seen much in the series, he played a harsh part in the brothers' childhood by getting a divorce with his wife. He was the victim of Eris' curse of hate and fear and was freed when the goddess was defeated. The father now lives with his wife again along with the twins.


Prologue - 25+ years agoEdit

William was the proud father of Martin, when the latter was born.

Eris ArcEdit

Chaos ArcEdit



Linda Kratt - wifeEdit

Martin Kratt - eldest sonEdit

Christine and Susan Kratt - twin daughtersEdit

Chris Kratt - youngest sonEdit

Clarissa Kratt - adopted daughterEdit

Mina Kratt - youngest adopted daughterEdit

Ventus - technical son, adopted eldest sonEdit