The Lupus Phantasma (or simply Lupus) are a race of shadow creatures in the form of wolves. The name is Latin for "Phantom Wolf". Most known Lupus in the series are lone and evil. They play as major villains in the series.


Phantom Wolves work the same normal wolf packs work. They usually live in packs. But when one does something outside a pack's law or wishes to go out on their own, they either leave or are banished.

Despite the wolves living under an alpha like normal wolves, the good Lupus are united under the Lupus Queen, a kind human with Lupus in her veins.


The Beginning - 10,000+ years agoEdit

Before Wild KrattsEdit

Eris ArcEdit

Chaos ArcEdit

Darkness ArcEdit

List of known Lupus and statusEdit

  • Faust : lone - good guy
  • Darius: lone, former alpha - villain
  • Paris: lone - villain
  • Maximilian: lone - villain
  • Lunos: alpha wolf - leader, good guy
  • Clarissa Kratt: Lupus Queen - true leader, good guy

Trivia Edit

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