Klaus Donata is Donita Donata's biological son. He first appears in "Winds and Wings of the Garden". He gets a major role in Season 3 as one of the main antagonists along with Amelia Cutter.

Characteristics Edit

Klaus is a tall man with yellow eyes and maroon hair. He wears grey jeans, a grey jacket and underneath it, a purple shirt.

He's proven to be as stubborn and anbitious as his biological mother, and manipulative as well, thanks to his look. However, he does show to care for his mother and his wife, and slightly a bit for his step-brother.

History Edit

Klaus is Donita's biological son, and lost his father in a plane accident. Some years later, they adopt Dabio, which was treated more as a servant, while Klaus was treated as a prince by his mother. However, his life was cut short thanks to a Familiar Spider bite.

After discovering the Wild Kratts are now making use of magic, Donita use dark magic to bring Klaus back from the dead.

Abilities Edit

Although not possessing magical abilities, Klaus is a skilled inventor and strategist.

Trivia Edit

  • His VA is Seth MacFarlane, same picked for Maximillian and Paris.

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