Chaos (originally Chrona) was the mortal "son of Eris", making him a Demi-god of Discord. He was the original incarnation of Zach Varmitech and immortal enemy of the three brothers that defeated him, though only two were reincarnated. It is revealed that he is the start of the chain reaction of events that will occur in Wild Kratts: Power of Nature. He becomes the main antagonist in the season finale of Season 2 and one of the main antagonists in the season premiere of Season 3.


The Beginning - 10,000+ years priorEdit

Chrona was an only child to persecuting parents. One day, he was fed up with them and officially ran away. The fugitive came upon the River Styx just as the goddess Eris exited the Underworld. Eris sensed his hatred and anger and saw herself in him. For the first time, she took pity on someone and gave him some of her powers, making him a Demi-god and her son/apprentice.

Chrona (soon renamed Chaos) trained under Eris for years. To show his appreciation to his new mother, he captured her sister Hermia, the current Mother Nature, and turned the world into a twisted monotone world. He was then confronted by Hermia's three sons, the eldest which he cursed.

Eris ArcEdit

When Zach stole the Earth Gem, his greed and exposure to the Gem awoke Chaos.

Chaos ArcEdit

Chaos took control of Zach when the current life began to regret his past actions.

Darkness Arc Edit

Chaos manages to escape from Zach as a shadow. When it is discovered that he was stealing Eris's powers, the goddess herself saw that he never loved her like a mother and banished to the underworld.





  • In the original writing of "Power of Nature", Chaos is never mentioned.
    • He never was brought up until "Nature Guardians' Tales", but only in a description. He is never seen.